Blasphemation, Bloodington, Pigshit - The Putrid Byproduct of a Lifelong Pursuit of Gross and Wreckless Excess (CD, Album) (NM or M-)

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A second hand item in like-new condition.


3-way split CD of sickening Goregrind/Crust/Noise. Limited to 500 copies.


1. I Made Her Watch
2. Blasphemation
3. Intro
4. Wallow In Feces
5. The Thing From the Grave
6. Deviated Septum
7. Anti-everything
8. Teacher, Teacher
9. Stuart Farquhar
10. Little Old Everything
11. No Restrictions
12. Mixed Up Man
13. Soily Beach Bum
14. The King Is Dead! Long Live the Big Nappy!
15. Kill Yourself Or Kill Somebody
16. Worse Than Nothing
17. Chew On Somebody Else's Shit
18. Burnt Fingers of Finger Burns
19. Nick'em
20. The Giant Pus Monster
21. I Am Become Death
22. Sweet Potato Die
23. Look Out Baby, Here I Come
24. Please Don't Pick On Me
25. Smell Ya, Shouldn't Have To Tell Ya
26. Why Can't We Just Pork
27. I Scold You Seriously
28. Petes A Pizza
29. Cheer Up, Meatbag
30. Hail Santa
31. Live Slow Die Old
32. Big Dog and Friends
33. Mmm (Mark Soup)
34. Officer Friendly
35. Sorry, I Am Dead
36. Steam Powered Cyber Beef Drill


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Barcode 827166260525