Holocausto Canibal - Visceral Massacre Memorabilia (CD, Comp) (NM or M-)

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r3224531 Sublime Corporeous Massacre Tracks 0115Recorded, mixed, engineered at Grave Studios on 2001Released by SoDie Music Division House in January 2002r3720510 Visceral Gonorrhea Tracks 1623Recorded, mixed, engineered at Rec'N'Gore Studios on September 1999Released by SoDie Music Division House in February 2000Holocausto Canibal Vs aStealing Orchestra Tracks 2427XtrasTrack 28 Recorded at Grave Studios on 2005Track 29 Recorded, mixed at Echosystem Studios on 2007All the intros created or sliced by Holocausto Canibal (Soome parts partially mutilated from Guinea Pig, ReAnimator, Braindead and Nekromantik)

1. Psictico Preldio PsicothiCum Prelude 152
2. Cadavrica Ejaculao Espasmdica Cadaveric Spasm Ejaculation 210
3. Canzana Blenorrgica Blenorragic "Doggy Style" Fuck 436
4. NecroFelao NecroCocksucker 103
5. Sdica Flagelao Hiperblica Sadistic Hyperbolic Flagelation 401
6. Micose Cotovelar Elbow Mycosis 110
7. Embrio Progria Embrio Progeria 157
8. Violada Pela Moto Serra Raped By The Chainsaw 404
9. Reinfeco Clitrica Septicemia VagiAnal 2001 Clitoral Reinfection VagiAnal Septicaemia 2001 134
10. Sufocada Pelo Semen Suffocated By Semen 323
11. Porno Hardgore Porno HardGore 128
12. Paradigmas Sub Cutneos Verborreicas Incurses Pela Terminologia Forense Sub Cutaneous Paradigma Loquacity Incursions By The Forensick Terminology 356
13. Purulento Climax Chill Out Purulent Climax Chill Out 211
14. NecroFelao Invertida Inverted NecroCocksucker 135
15. Faixa 15 Track 15 233
16. Vagina Convulsa Convulse Vagina 204
17. Holocausto Canibal Cannibal Holocaust 137
18. Empalamento Impalement 057
19. Antropofagia Auto Infligida Auto Inflicted Anthropophagy 209
20. Septicemia Vaginal Vaginal Septicaemia 157
21. Carnificina Psicopata Psychopathic Butchery 418
22. Gorgasmos Orgasmicos Espasmos Gore Gorgasms Orgasmic Gore Spasms 152
23. Faixa 8 Track 8 300
24. Your Mother Are My Dog! 245
25. Zingayah! You Got The Lord! 215
26. I Kick Ass For The Lord! 012
27. What! No Pudding 115
28. Reek Of Putrefaction 322
29. Prepcio Obliterado Foreskin Obliteration 126

Barcode and Other Identifiers
Matrix Runout wwwdgrinccom 0944 Holocausto Canibal 28294

Pressed By wwwdgrinccom
Recorded At Grave Studios
Mixed At Grave Studios
Engineered At Grave Studios
Recorded At Rec'N'Gore Studios
Mixed At Rec'N'Gore Studios
Engineered At Rec'N'Gore Studios
Recorded At Echosystem Studios
Mixed At Echosystem Studios