Prosthetic Cunt - $$ Blatant Money Grab $$ (CDr, Comp) (VG+)

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Media Condition: Very Good Plus (VG+)
Sleeve Condition: Very Good Plus (VG+)
Nice shape used copy.

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Label: Primitive Recordings - none
Format: CDr, Comp
Country: USA & Canada
Released: 01 Jan 2017


This statement was transmitted by Prosthetic Cunt to Primitive Recordings before receiving these discs.

“Blatant Money Grab!!! All 93 songs on 1 disc. We’ll have it one day and you’ll be like “so what” and rightly so. We’re a fucking mess. We have no new material. I mean we do but it ain’t done because we’re lazy and make sloths look fast. We’re rehashing shit for the few people that missed a release and just giving them everything in one shot. No pre-order. No nothing. Just a fucking promise that we ordered it and we’ll have them. We’ll let you know about it… or not… we suck at everything and are all over in weird places. You hear that? I hear that shit. Every fucking day. None of it happens right. It’s all like a bad movie about a guy acting in a bad movie that’s lost it’s budget and he’s just like “dude, I at least thought they’d feed us” and they wait for the director to stop yelling and everyone just wants to get high and no one says a word. It’s just like that.”

Track List:

1. Mad Man Marcum Threw The Screw And Fucked Us All
2. Acronym Band
3. Quantum Fondling Of The Elderly Dog Ankles
4. Synchronized Stupidity
5. Dairy 4 Death Metal
6. My Cock Is Yesterdays News
7. Let's Go Somewhere And Ruin It
8. The Tits Are Out Today!
9. That's The Sound Of Butter
10. Still Having Difficulty Forming Words
11. Can You Send A Dead Pickle In The Mail
12. Arm Tit Combo
13. Titanium Toenail
14. Perpetual Paranoia
15. Who's Got Da Jigga Juice
16. Residual Bean Fragments
17. The Phantom Pickler
18. Bergaaaaahhhhhh
19. The Dannys
20. Our Conversations Are Commercials And Bumper Stickers
21. Namal
22. 2 Balls In A Bag That Make People
23. 2 Dollars To Rent My Pants
24. Affected By Feet Cheese
25. Pixel Pants Hates Me
26. Butt Slappin Midget Molester
27. Everyone Is Gay And Stupid
28. Find My Dumb And Show It To Me
29. I'm The Blackest Of My Tribe
30. I'll Eat Through Someone's Head
31. Sonic Blast Cans Of Ridiculousness
32. Unbreakable Ben
33. Pubic Beard Conceals Fetus Chin
34. Disgusting Display Of Prosthetic
35. Dirty Butt Sex With Lilith
36. I'm Using My Music At You
37. Made
38. Beer Muttons
39. Find My Dumb And Show It To Me
40. Daddio Did Diddly Squat
41. March Of The Prosthetic - Squirt 2 = Cheat
42. Put Him Back In The Hatred Pile
43. She Is Totting Breakstone Under The Skin
44. Chilly Feez Steak
45. Evilness Brewing In The Pot
46. I Got Something Going On In My Head
47. Brain Smokin’ Bones
48. The Ms. Lippy Dance
49. That Will Live In My Head Forever
50. Cheesus Mice
51. Shes Old Enough To Look At
52. Gelatinous Mass Of Old Lady Goo
53. Pickin’ Up Change In The Kung Fu Theater
54. Puny Earthlings
55. Banging That Girl
56. Coffee
57. Deadly Cottage
58. Bigger Boat Legged Women
59. Dog Got Knocked The Fuck Out
60. Good Knights
61. Hand Me The Fucking Keys
62. Space Jungle
63. Sputnik
64. Punish You Good
65. Oooooh I'm Dying
66. Lizard Death
67. Monsters And Wolves
68. Lets Be Friends
69. I'll Buy That For A Dollar
70. Kickin' My Ass
71. Puddle Of Drool
72. Drink It
73. Hiding From the Normalities of Existence
74. Concentration
75. Doing Bad Things To Her Butt With My Mind
76. Food Stealing Funeral Crasher
77. A Lack Of Wires Is Turning Me Into A Troll
78. Automated Doody Stick Dispenser
79. Concrete Block Cunticide
80. Fuck Her In The Ass Punch Her In The Head
81. Year of the Insane 21520
82. Raining A Storm Of Confusion
83. The Ants Wanna Eat the Freak
84. Mortal Cock Bat
85. They Come Out And Go On The Thing
86. Choking On Human Cinder Shit
87. Vomit Stuffed Rectum
88. A Bowl Too Far (Smokin Piss Weed)
89. Completely Nubular Pointed Shoes
90. I've Got Freak Soup
91. A Few More Bars Of The Retarded
92. Prehistoric Blunt
93. Prehistoric Blunt


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