Apparel Condition & Sizing Guide

The Merch Cellar offers a wide range of both new and used band merchandise and other novelty items. The following guide will help you understand our grading system and how apparel is sized.


New - A new item is acquired directly from the band, a licensed merchandise wholesale distributor, or an independent artist. New items have never been used and you could assume they are in perfect condition. If there is defect in the item, it will be noted in the description. 

Used - Our used items are acquired from customers, collection buys, trade-ins or other sources that may not be able to certify origin or authenticity. Used items are cleaned before selling and graded according to the following system.

  • Excellent - An item with this grade is like new with no signs of wear; no holes, no stains and no dropped stitches. Tag may or may not be present. 
  • Very Good - Very good describes an item with mild usage wear. Fabrics may be lightly faded and graphics may have mild distress or garments may have some loose stitches but will have no holes or stains.
  • Good - With moderate to heavy wear, a good item may be faded and have cracks in the artwork. There may be stains or discoloration and/or loose stitches or seam splits. Not perfect, a good item still has a long life ahead. 
  • Poor - A poor item is heavily distressed; faded, cracked graphics, holes, stains, distorted shape, and other flaws. Punk af with minimal effort. 
  • (Alt) - Short for altered, this will appear when a garment has been resized, cropped or otherwise changed from its original state.  


 New items - With new shirts, the item description includes the brand and size when a tag is available. Please refer to the sizing guides provided by the manufacturer to determine fit.

Used items - When the original tag is intact, the brand and size is provided in the description. We also include measurements for your convenience. When a t-shirt does not have a tag, we use the chart below to determine size. 


How we size a t-shirt:


shirt measure

1. Lay the shirt down flat. Keep the shirt taught, but do not stretch the fabric.

2. For the width, lay your measure about 1" below the sleeve seam and measure from one armpit to the other. 

3. For the length, measure from the top of the shoulder near the collar down to the bottom edge.

4. Use the chart below to find your size. 


 Size Width Length
Small 17" - 18" 28"
Medium 19" - 20" 29"
Large 21" - 22" 30"
XL 23" - 24" 31"
2XL 25" - 26" 32"