Q: Do you buy vinyl records?

Yes, we buy LPs (also referred to as 33rpm, 12”s, albums or full lengths) and 7”s (also referred to as 45s or singles). Albums must be with their original covers and 7”s should have a picture sleeve or a blank sleeve. Not all records are the same and there are many records we will not buy. You can learn more by reading our condition guide.

Q: Do you buy old records?

Yes, many of the records we buy are old but old records must also be in good playing condition. We primarily buy records based on the type of music that is currently in demand. To learn more about the type of music we do and do not buy, please refer to our buying guide. You can also browse our online store to see if we sell the type of music you have or give us a call.

Q: What else do you buy?

In addition to records we buy CDs, cassettes, books, magazines, posters, concert shirts and other music related memorabilia. However, we are VERY selective when buying these types of items. Please call us to discuss your collection. You can also send us an email with photos or descriptions. We do not buy 78s.

Q: Where are you located?

Sit & Spin Records is located in South Philadelphia at 2243 South Lambert St; on the corner of West Passyunk Avenue and South Lambert St, between 20th and 21st Streets. If using public transit, we are only 7 blocks from the Snyder stop on the Broad Street line. You can also take the 17 Bus from Center City. By car, we are easily accessible from I-76 and I-95.

Q: I have tons of records will you come to my house?

Yes, we are available for house calls. We’ll need to know your location, the size and condition of your collection, and the type of music you have. We can start with a phone interview; please have the collection in front of you when calling. You can also email us with a list and photos.

Q: How much do you pay?

We pay fair and competitive prices based on current market value. There are many factors that go into the value of a record. What we pay you will be a percentage of that value based on both the condition and the market demand for each record. For rare and more collectible records, that can be as much as 50-60%. Until we see and inspect the collection, we will not be able to tell you what it’s worth.
Why do we pay so much? Because we are focused on keeping our inventory fresh and exciting, and we want to continue doing business with you, your family and your friends. 

Q: Do you offer consignment?

Yes, consignment is reserved for the more rare and collectible items. Please contact us to discuss our terms. 

Q: If I sell my records online, won't I get more money?

In short, yes. However, selling online requires lots of time and some general knowledge and experience. Amateur mistakes will end up costing you money and your reputation as a seller. You will most likely deal with unexpected expenses such as fees up to 20%, shipping materials, returns, lost/damaged packages, and the burden of reporting all sales as income on your taxes. In most cases, it will take months if not years to sell the majority of a collection depending on the size and your reputation as a seller.  Ultimately there is nothing faster and easier than cash in hand. Should you decide to sell your collection online, be prepare for punishment!