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Due to Covid-19 restrictions, customers must make an appointment to browse our store. Appointment slots are available by the hour, limited to 2 bookings per slot. You may bring only one guest with you; please indicate that you are bringing a guest or they may not be allowed in. 
*Adults over 50 or those vulnerable to Covid can call 267-773-8345 for a private appointment. 

Valued, loyal customers are eligible for VIP bookings. There is no booking fee attached to this appointment.  

How to prepare for your appointment:

-You will receive a reminder email one day before your scheduled appointment. Once you receive this email you will no longer be able to reschedule your appointment. 
-You must wear a face covering that covers both your mouth and nose for the duration of your visit. 
-You will be required to apply hand sanitizer before browsing and before checkout. 
-If you are feeling sick before your appointment, please call to cancel. 
-If you are feeling sick shortly after your visit, please call so we can assist in any necessary contact tracing.