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Shop news and updates

It's been a few weeks since we last had anything to say here so we should probably give you a quick update about all the cool vinyl coming in. Collections both large and small have been steadily rolling in and getting priced as quickly as possible. We've got little bits of everything: punk, metal, indie, classic rock, jazz, soul, and plenty of 7"s.

This past week we have been going hard on pricing 7"s for the shop and listing tons of stuff up on the webstore. If you follow our Instagram, you may have noticed mostly 7"s being posted in recent days. We've been really trying to get stuff out as fast possible.

In addition to that, we have put out 100s of LPs this week. Plenty of 90s/2000s punk and HC, a small stack of 80s thrash, a small stack of black and death metal reissues, some of the usual classic rock suspects, a solid grip of soul and R&B, and just a few jazz albums. We also have some crucial punk and HC reissues as well as affordable reissues

As always, if you have a collection of records or other music related items that you've been thinking about parting with get in touch with us. We pay great prices and are easy to deal with, unlike some of these other punishers.

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