Sit & Spin's Big Ass Sidewalk Sale!

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Sit & Spin's Big Ass Sidewalk Sale!

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SIDEWALK SALE HAS BEEN POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER!! However, the used bins will still be filled with heat so please stop by.

Well, we've been back from vacation for a few weeks now and we have been hard at work procuring some very fine vinyl!
✔️Punk/HC/heavy metal LP bins are all packed!
✔️Rock/pop LP bins are all packed!
✔️Jazz/soul/hip hop LP bins are all packed to the point that boxes are just filling up with priced records waiting to find a home.

This coming Saturday 10/8 we will be doing a sidewalk sale in front of the store and will have cheap VHS, DVD,T-shirts, books, vinyl, CDs, cassettes and more. All vinyl, CDs and cassettes outside will be a minimum of 50% off sticker price, however the discount will only apply to cash purchases. Should you wish to pay with a credit card, which is certainly an option, no discounts will be applied.

No reasonable offer will be refused on anything at the sale, but offer must be cash!

The sidewalk sale will be going on from 12-4pm on Saturday, rain date will be Sunday 10/9 same time. In addition to the sale out front we will also be filling up all bins inside with new and used vinyl. We hope to see a bunch of familiar faces and hopefully some new ones as well!



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