Store Update and Info

Store Update and Info

Fall is quickly approaching and we couldn't be more thrilled here at Sit & Spin!

We will be participating in/vending at several record shows and events in the next several weeks and we want to make sure that you all know where to find us. The store hours will basically stay the same with exception to maybe a Friday or Saturday that we will open at 1pm instead of noon. That will be updated shortly.

First up, we have The Philly Record Freakout next Saturday (9/30) at Philamoca (531 N. 12th St). This record show is on its third installment and continues to grow and become a great place for all vinyl lovers searching for some new tunes. Early bird entry is at 10AM and will only cost you $10. Regular admission starts at 11AM with a $5 admission. We hope to see some familiar faces as well as some new ones!


Up next we have the NEPA Horror Fest at the Cirlce Drive in located in Dickson city, PA (Scranton, PA). This event is packed with a Punk Rock Flea Market, meet and greets, live music, and a selection of horror movies played on the big screen! This will be our first time setting up at anything in NEPA and we're pretty stoked.

We will be bringing a variety of vinyl records, used t-shirts, and some VHS tapes to the flea market portion of the day. If you're planning to attend and would like to have us bring anything specific, please let us know.


Lastly, and certainly not least, we will be traveling down to Raleigh, NC to attend Sorry State Records 10-year Anniversary Fest. If you don't already know about this amazing store, label and mail order then do yourself a favor and check them out and the awesome shows they have booked for this! We will be bringing down a selection of punk, hardcore, and some heavy metal vinyl as well as t-shirts. 


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