Store Update And New Arrivals Friday 2/24/23

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Store Update And New Arrivals Friday 2/24/23

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Well, it seems on a daily basis someone asks if we buy records and the answer is always yes. We are always buying collections and this week was no exception, we had a few smaller but killer collections roll in that are all priced up and ready for a new home. Some classic rock, punk/HC, power pop and new wave vinyl was purchased and priced this week. Going to keep this short and sweet and give you all a peek at some of the killer records going out on Friday.

Some other 7"s of note not pictured include Betong Hysteria "Spontan Abort" absolutely killer Norwegian HC/punk destroyer from 1982. Several more UK77 and UK82 7"s and some american punk and power pop stuff like Alley Cats Nerve Breakers and more. Some LPs of note include Appendix "Top Of The Pops" on the Rock-O-Rama, Bastards on Propaganda, Nirvana "In Utero" orig on clear vinyl, Nightmare "Give Notice Of Nightmare" on Selfish records and more. Be sure to hit us up if you have records you'd like to sell we would love to make a deal!

Nirvana In Utero original clear vinyl

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