Store update for the week of December 1st

Store update for the week of December 1st

This week we bought a few smaller collections with some killer used LPs in genres including Rock 'n Roll, Heavy Metal, Punk, Hardcore, Reggae and more. We started pricing up the used vinyl that came in these past few days and will have it going out all weekend as quick as we can make space.

Against me hard-ons agent orange kylesa dishammer manilla road hr black flag hellion embrace coven attila speed metal thrash punk lp album dischord

You can expect titles from the following artists: Black Flag, HR, Embrace, Dayglo Abortions, Against Me, Defiance Ohio, Hard-Ons, Kylesa, Agent Orange, Cinderella, Hellion, Coven, Attila, G.A.T.E.S. Dishammer, Charles Bronson, Dead Congregation, Nekrofilth, James Brown, Black Uhuru, Steel Pulse, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Patti Smith and more.

Additionally, we've got some killer restocks from Adrenalin O. D., Redd Kross, Suicidal Tendencies, Adolescents, Attitude Adjustment, Verbal Abuse, Middle Class, Rikk Agnew and the Offenders.


Middle class adolescents rikk agnew attitude adjustment verbal abuse adrenalin O.D.  redd kross suicidal tendencies LP vinyl pubk hardcore

Black uhuru bob dylan pink floyd patti smith alice cooper the beatles lp vinyl record collection


We have been buying lots of record collections lately and trying to get them out as quick as possible. We're always looking for well cared for record collections with clean vinyl, give us a call and let's make a deal! 



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